Welcome to A.A. Tegbare-id TVET College


Newly-built classroom Building and fully equipped workshops inaugurated

Newly built classroom, library and fully-equipped workshop buildings funded by the project “Italian Contribution to the Education sector Development Program (ESDP)” were inagurated on Tuesday 21 December 2010.for more


Memorandum of Agreement to start in-company training underway

B.G.I. Ethiopia and Addis Ababa Tegbare-id TVET College are to start in company training. The memorandum of Agreement initially prepared by the college is being reviewed by the counterpart. for more

ISO implementation

Addis Ababa Tegbare-id TVET college has successfully passed the third party audit of ISO 9001:200 on August 17, 2009. It has now started implementation. To assist the implementation and up-grade the process, to 9001:2008, the College is working